The most awesome multi-dimentional photo shoot ever.

Commission your own OMG shoot!

You get custom art, made from the best subject on the planet, YOU!

You have a business and want images that stand out and are stunning and profound. Maybe you want countless people to LIKE your Facebook profile picture, or for everybody on OkCupid to be entranced. Perhaps part of your spiritual journey and celebration of self is a supremely magical portrait. A photo shoot with Julian is fun and and yields glorious results.

Preparation is easy. Particularly if you're starting out in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  1. Pick your Totem: See the photo on the right of Eric wearing his hat? The Mandala shapes around him are what his hat looks like after it has gone through a dimensional portal. For Eric's photos, his hat was his Totem item. For your shoot, pick two things as possible Totems. A Totem object should be at least as big as your hand. It should be something that's meaningful to you. Ideally it should be visually more complex than a black cell phone.
  2. Call Julian: Call or email Julian and schedule a time and day to visit with him in his San Francisco studio. 415.738.9385
  3. Wear clothing you enjoy: Dress in clothes you enjoy on the day of the shoot. A small part of the shoot (giving you your own planet) will be outdoors. So bring an attractive warm layer that you can add to your outfit.
  4. Do you have any guidance, ideas, visions for your portrait? If you want the photos to go in a particular style or direction, just say so. Feel free to look at Julian's portfolio images to see if there are things you particularly enjoy or that resonate with you. Do you specifically want a long horizontal image, light painted for the top of your Facebook time line header?

Here's what you get: (within a week)

Call Julian at 415.738.9385 or email